The issue of having children should always be discussed by partners even before the wedding. This will help avoid misunderstandings in the future, when one of the couple wants children, and the other prefers to do without them. Differences in age, religious beliefs, and preferences can lead to parenting conflicts. Our psychologists offer the following ways to prevent and resolve quarrels:

  1. Respect your partner’s opinion. Do not try to force their beliefs and tactfully not let him impose them on you.
  2. Discuss important issues together. If disagreements have already arisen, it is best to discuss them in a family council. Parents must have a consensus on parenting.
  3. Look for a general solution. Try to find compromises, but do not make drastic decisions. Some issues are best discussed before the wedding. For example, everyday life, family traditions, parenting style, etc.

Psychologists and other specialists of the agency help clients achieve mutual understanding in relationships.


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