After a lot of sent letters and long telephone conversations, the time comes for the first meeting. It is important to prepare in advance for a date so that it becomes bright, interesting and unforgettable. For a meeting to bring a lot of positive emotions, follow simple tips:

  1. Think about what to wear. The choice of outfit depends on the meeting place. If you are planning to go to a restaurant or theater, it is better to choose a suit. But for hiking in nature, in the park, or just for a walk, it is better to stay on ordinary jeans. The main thing is that the clothes are clean and neat.
  2. Come up with topics for conversation. Sometimes there can be awkward pauses. In such a case, we advise you to prepare some universal and kind jokes in advance. But the topics that excite you are better to discuss right away.
  3. Have a good rest. No need to worry and constantly think about the meeting. Get enough sleep to feel confident and enjoy your conversation.
  4. Choose a meeting place. The first date should be bright, memorable and interesting. For example, you can go to a bar and sing karaoke, and in winter you can go skiing or play snowballs. A more cultural option would be to visit a movie, theater, restaurant or other similar institution.

Stay true to yourself and have fun with the conversation. In this case, the date will go well and will remain in memory as a fun and interesting day spent in good company.


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