City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Marital status: divorced
Eyes Color: blue
Hair Color: blond
Children: 2 sons ( 18 y.o )
Looking for an age range: 50+
Occupation: teacher, child psychologist
Language: English intermediate
Drinking: social
Smoking: no
Level education: university degree


I am a very good woman. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I am a very flexible and strong woman. I have a very positive and optimistic outlook on life, for me, the glass is always half full. I love to laugh and make others laugh, people often say I’m pretty humorous. I like to think of myself as very responsible, I always think about things properly before acting. I strongly trust in myself as well as those around me. You will never be bored with me. I love movies on real events. I have been to France, Italy, Egypt and Turkey. I live alone. 

Description of ideal partner:

Like Shakespeare said «The whole world is a stage and all people are actors». I am not, I’m truly kind, pretty and careful in life, communicative and love life in all ways of it! I need to have someone special (my man) to share this beautiful life with. Love him, care for him, and miss him when he’s away. This is what I want to give to my man and this is what I am waiting from the man who will love me. I don’t want much just find my own place in life and if it will be near a man who would love me more than life. Well, then this sounds good. All we need is love; love is all we need, like in famous song. I can give everything for a normal life and a real love to my man. And what is important for you?