City: Lvov
Country: Ukraine
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Marital status: single
Eyes Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Religion: Christian
Children: no
Looking for an age range: 29-45
Occupation: designer
Language: English pre-intermediate
Drinking: socially
Smoking: no
Level education: University


It is difficult to describe the character briefly. I sincere, kind also am full of optimism. Even in the cloudiest days on my face a smile. I have a sharp mind. I like honesty and sincerity, punctuality and commitment. I hate lies. I am a creative woman. I graduated from the school of painting and will be happy to show you my paintings. I also like to cook but. Only in those days when I have the mood). My best dish is a pie of chicken and cheese, dressed with garlic sauce. This dish has only 300 calories and will not spoil your figure) I am fond of sports for it really makes my body and health strong. By the way, I plan to take Pole Dance, what do you say?

Also my story has a sad side. I was born in a small town in a region where war has settled down. I never knew this could happen to my home town, I’ve left it long time ago. I would be interested to know what the media in your country say about the war in the east of Ukraine. The war made me completely change my life, but I’m glad that it all happened. Now I’m a happy man for complete happiness I do not have enough love. So, now I will ask, are you ready to be happy? Are you ready to start strong and honest relation? Maybe we are right for each other, who know…

Description of the partner:

What can I say about my ideal relationship with a man? I’m a young lady and so for me the ideal man is someone who will support me in all endeavors. If I decide in 30 years to become a doctor or lawyer, my man should be proud of me. All my wild dreams should not burden him. There are so many different things that people dream about that sometimes it seems that someone has foolish dream and someone such as a pipe. So, what about you? Do you have enough energy to be with a young girl like me?

I don’t believe that there is an ideal and don’t try to find it. I look for something special. The man with whom I will be by itself. With which to me sometimes will be comfortably silent, holding each other by hands. In the relations there has to be a passion and a mutual attraction. To the man and the woman, it has to be good both in the afternoon and at night is a pledge of the successful relations. I’m sure that passion is the foundation on which the happy family relations stand!

I also would like him to have a positive attitude towards life and surrounding people. I am an optimist and would like to have an optimist by my side. For I think it is a bit hard to deal with pessimistic people.